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IC Agent Electronics Ins

2N2222A 40Parts All contents

7350   20+PB Pb-Free USA 2022-11-30


Original&New 20000   RoHs 2016+ Instock USA 2022-11-30

Shenzhen Augswan Electronics Co., LTD.


SOT-89 17962   UTG 21+ Stock China 2022-11-30


24562   MICROCOMME 21+ Stock China 2022-11-30

Hong Da Electronics Co.LTD


TRANSNPN40V0.8ATO-18 64476   CentralSem 2020 USA 2022-11-30


SMALL-SIGNALBJT 59850   MicrosemiC 2020 USA 2022-11-30


2N2222A 39Parts All contents

TO-18 9072   ST 20+PB Pb-Free Singapore 2022-11-30


TO18-3 56   NS 20+PB Pb-Free Singapore 2022-11-30

Nego IC Co.

2N2222A 14Parts All contents

CAN-3 10000   MOTOROLA 2022+ INSTOCK Germany 2022-11-30


16666   CENTRALSEM 2022+ IN STOCK Germany 2022-11-30
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TIMICOMM ELECTRONICS LIMITED [sales@timicomm.com] 2N2222A RoHS Compliant 40276   14+ Good,Always Ready Japan 2022-11-30
Semilex Distributor [ sales@semi-lex.com ] 2N2222A 4Parts All contents TRANS NPN 40V 0.6A TO-18 238500   STMicroelectronics 2019+ Can ship immediately USA 2022-11-30
MAINtron Electronics Co.,Ltd. 2N2222A standard package with RoHS 43530   STOCK 2016+ 1-2 days Japan 2022-11-30
Semilex Electronics [ info@semi-lex.com ] 2N2222A NEW RoHS and More QTY 36820   IC 16+ STK,Prompt delivery Hong Kong 2022-11-30
Timicomm Electronics Limited 2N2222A RoHS Compliant 40276   Original 17/18+ New Stock,Always Ready Hong Kong 2022-11-30

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Company Name TEL Address E-mail

Shenzhen Augswan Electronics Co., LTD.
   ****922****    11A/11A, JingHai Garden, Futian di****    ****ugswan.com

Nego IC Co.
   ****52-65****    oppelner Str.2 273****    ****goic.com

   ****65-31561299 ****    Adress1: FLAT/RM 19G KING CENTRE 23 DUNDAS ST MONGKOK, HONGKONG(HongKong Office****    ****nlyic.com

Hong Da Electronics Co.LTD
   ****852-31746463 ****    Stock addres:1::55 Lexington Avenue, 10th Floor, New York USA Stock****    ****gda-ic.com

IC Agent Electronics Ins
   ****852-95609418 ****    Rm 18,LongXin RD.Quan****    ****agent.com
MAINtron Electronics Co.,Ltd.    ****6-1-71-****    .****    ****@yeah.net
Semilex Electronics [ info@semi-lex.com ]    ****0852-593496****    19/F,Metro II,21 Lam Hin****    ****mi-lex.com
Timicomm Electronics Limited        07/F,Trust Centre,912-914 Cheung****    ****icomm.com
Semilex Distributor [ sales@semi-lex.com ]    ****52-593-496****    19/F,Metro II,21 Lam Hin****    ****i-lex.com
TIMICOMM ELECTRONICS LIMITED [sales@timicomm.com]    ****0852-56****    07/F,Trust Centre,912-914****    ****icomm.com

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