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IC2IC.com is the online trading center dedicated exclusively to Brokers and Distributors in the Electronic Components Industry.
- Contains over 25million stocklist.
- More than 25,000 Searches per day.
- More than 750,000 Impressions per month.
- More than 450,000 Visits per month all around the world.
- More than 350,000 Unique Users atIC2IC.
- Over 700 RFQ madeper day
- Over 15,000 members
(As of Mar/2011)

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- More than 5,000,000 Unique Users per month.

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Japanese Buy/Sell Semiconductor & Electronic components on-line marketplace for Brokers and Distributors.

Korean Buy/Sell Semiconductor & Electronic components on-line marketplace for Brokers and Distributors.

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